I just thought I would update anyone who is interested on this. Last summer two things happened; I was threatened by “Charles Linden”‘s lawyers with legal action (see other posts) apparently because of this blog and Charles Linden / Griffiths complained to the police that I was harassing him. To cut a long story short, the policeman who visited decided not to serve the harassment notice. My lawyers responded to Charles Griffiths/Linden/Lamplitt indicating that I was standing by what I had said. Then, from September, nothing. My legal advisors indicated that I should  make no more comments about anything other than the legal position as it was, which is what I have done, although its a bit annoying to be de facto gagged.

A couple of weeks ago, I started to get daily posts for various things Linden on my facebook page (which I use for personal rather than professional purposes; Twitter I use professionally  @psalkovskis )

This just kept coming, so a couple of times, when bored, I protested as a Facebook comment, along the lines of “Don’t know why this is on my facebook page” then putting a link to this blog.

A few days later, I was contacted by the police. A further complaint had been made about harassment from Charles Griffiths/Linden/whatever. I explained what had happened, and pointed the officer concerned to the sergeant who had dealt with the  previous situation. I also updated the police on the situation with respect to the (threatened) civil “defamation” case

A few days later, the officer contacted me to tell me that they were not intending taking any further action.

So, that’s where it is. I’m not harassing anyone, but I continue to assert the truth of what I have said here.