As we are about to move into the fourth series I thought it worth revisiting what I was thinking previously. Nothing has changed that I can see other than the addition of a few extra cynical ploys! Paul

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Betty TV had sought my input for the second series. I have now formally declined their invitation, and give my reasons in the email below.
I am very interested indeed in the fact that Time4Change are working with them. Is it possible that they are missing the point?

Dear Rebecca
Many thanks for your invitation to discuss the programme “Obsessive Compulsive cleaners” with a view, as I understand it, to advising on the second series.

I will definitely not do so. I have thought long and hard about this, and want to make clear why, as someone who works with the media on mental health issues, I think it inappropriate to engage in any way.

Quite simply it is because it is clear on reflection that the second series cannot change the basic flaw in the premise of the programme as neither your company or Channel 4 acknowledge the problem…

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