Ahaaha…..Update needed. In addition to the various pages being taken down by the Linden Method group, some of the webpages alluding to organisations which dont support them, there have been a number of changes to other webpages, which all have the effect of making them a tad more honest. So credit to them.

In case the Web Editors at TLM are listening, the Universities of Kingston and Copenhagen dont believe themselves to have endorsed you, so you mgiht want to look at that too? Good to see the removal of the University of Copenhagen stuff from Charles FAcebook Page.

I am also delighted to see that the webpage for the “Linden Foundation” quasi charity has been removed.

All that remains now is

(1) Wider dissemination of the concerns raised in this blog and, increasingly, elsewhere. Please feel free to attributably quote this blog or link to it, but be aware that some of the things I linked to have now been removed (for obvious reasons, as indicated above)


(2) for TLM to remove their overblown claims for effectiveness

Thaks also for the range of positive feedback on these posts; it has made the ridiculously large time investment in creating these posts worthwhile.