A couple of weeks ago, when investigating TLM, I came across a website
This website claimed that the Copenhagen Clinical Trials Unit had endorsed the Linden Method. I queried this with the Unit; you can see this query below, and the helpful reply from the Unit Director. In the meantime, the claims that the CTU had supported TLM have been removed from this webpage. I wonder why?
However, I note that the same claims are appearing elsewhere, so I have again contacted Dr Gluud to ask his further opinion.
Here is the previous correspondence:

From: Paul Salkovskis [mailto:P.M.Salkovskis@bath.ac.uk]
Sent: 8. maj 2014 21:35
To: Christian Gluud
Subject: “The Linden Method”

Dear Dr Gluud,
I am sorry to bother you about this. As an anxiety researcher I have come across the link below:
and wonder if you might be able to cast any light on this? Your unit is the closest I can find the the description fo the University clinical trials unit in Copenhagen.
With thanks for your help and best wishes
Paul Salkovskis

Dear Paul Salkovskis.

Thank you for your mail.

I do not know of the method and I checked the link but did not become any wiser. It seemed to be an observational study.

I looked at The Cochrane Library CENTRAL, but did not find any trials under Linden and Copenhagen.


Very best wishes,


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