I wrote an email to Queens University Belfast about their apparent support for the Linden Method. I have not heard directly from them, but guess what? The webpage has been taken down. Might there be a connection? Did Queen’s University Belfast by some chance not approve of their reputation being used in this way?

the email I sent to their comms team was:

Dear Sir/Madam
Not entirely sure who to address this query to; please feel free to forward it.
I have recently been looking into “the Linden Method”, a high-cost anxiety self help programme. A couple of years ago I had been contacted by a Dr Francis Teeney who indicated that he was from QUB; he sought to persuade me of the merits of this programme. More recently the programme came to my attention again, and I came across this website:

There are other similar references on the web. So: my question is as to the status of this “research consortium” which appears to be based in QUB and drawing on your reputation.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course
With best wishes
Paul Salkovskis